Song Title Story

Following a challenge from a facebook friend, I ctrated my little story from Cole Porter song titles

Unfortunately this site does not let me paste in from word, without a lot of fiddling afterwards.

In The Still Of The Night you begged me

Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love

Lead Me On, Let’s Misbehave

Let’s just enjoy The Perfume Of Love

Until I wondered What Is This Thing Called Love

But now I know It’s A Chemical Reaction, That’s All

After all It’s No Laughing Matter

To hear you say I’m Just Another Page In Your Diary

So Buy Her(Me) A Box At The Opera

But Don’t Fence Me In

Don’t Tell Me Who You Are

I Know It’s Not Meant For Me

I’m Back In Circulation

Just One Step Ahead Of Love

17 thoughts on “Song Title Story

  1. How FUN! Did you see the recent movie about Cole Porter ~ starring Kevin Klein? Great music and interesting life tale.

    Also loved Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Bobby Darin’s life story.

  2. when you are pasting in from word you need to use the button on the edit board which has a symbol that has a clipboard with a ‘w’ on it… this is supposed to help, though I find poetry still has double spacing…

  3. PS you have to have both lines of the editing board open… I have, but to open it there is an icon I think at the end of the first line… I hope that makes sense.

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