Friday ramblings and the weekend theme

Smoke and mirrors I tell you! These people who pretend to do a lot but waft around and claim credit for others work. Having seen more of that yesterday, plus someone who through some limitations is not occupying the position he believes he should be and who is now trying subtly to stop other progress doesn’t realise he’s just making trouble for himself. Such a pity, he works really hard, but lacks overall vision and so has been bypassed for decision-making. He’s good at co-ordination and that’s where he will stay, and so well at that. More smoke and mirrors will be needed to make him feel happy with it all.

Ah, the fun of corporate politics!

How on earth things get done in many places really amazes me. If there are 50 people involved then there are at least 57 opinions, some of which change with the wind, the phase of the moon and how many Fritos and Cokes were consumed at lunch.

I remember a “personnel” woman who had a sign on her door, a quote from one of the old Romans (Yes Belinda the ones who ponced about in togas and those flashy shiny armour and leather skirts, conquering as they went) and it went along the lines of “every time we appeared to be at a impasse, we re-organised and gave the appearance of progress”.

I suspect sometimes corporate re-organisations are caused by the impasses of differing opinions among the semi-powerful, and to give them separate empires, a re-organisation is carried out.

But enough waffling!

Friday calls. Work to be done so the long weekend can be faced with a clear conscience.

The theme this weekend is


As usual, (or for the first time if you are new at this game) you create a post, words, pictures, music, whatever it inspires you to do. Then you come here and leave a comment to tell me that (with a link always helps), so that everyone can follow the link and read your post, and in turn you can follow the links to their posts on the theme. It’s always interesting to see how people create around a common theme, so many variations.

Have fun with it.

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