Monday morning and the weekend theme roundup

Autumn is here. It rained all night and now its gloomy and not really warm.


Looking out of the bathroom window I can see a sliver of the lawn next door, liberally sprinkled with yellow leaves. They have a gardener every day, so this lot has fallen over the weekend.


I rushed over to my garden side, and sure enough, leaves. The annual sweep-a-thon has begun. Weekly I fill the rubbish bin with leaves, carefully leaving a nice warm blanket on the flower beds.  It becomes and obsession, for a few weeks, then it’s over for another year. We did a lot of tree cutting this year, so for this autumn, the load won’t be too big. Last year it drowned me.’


What to wear? It’s not cold enough for a jersey, but it’s not warm enough for just a t-shirt (I’m working at home today).


Here’s the weekend theme roundup.


Nancy adeeyoyo Kate
libras child


Nancy Hatch another day
Chris 68ghia




Sarchasm bb



6 thoughts on “Monday morning and the weekend theme roundup

  1. And here we’re still reeling from the heat and humidity. We ended up on 33 degrees on Saturday, but at least the two storms we had over the weekend helped a bit.

  2. Seems like you all were just shedding your layers, with Cin cooking barefoot in the kitchen . . . now Autumn is back in your neck of the woods.

    Time flies.

    Thanks again for a wonderful Weekend Theme this week.

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