Getting ready for exam nerves, having vivid dreams

I woke this morning, totally confused, to an odd wail. Within a few seconds it resolved itself into an interesting passage played on a flute. The radio alarm doing its job.

I’d been about half awake, the sort of ‘getting ready for the alarm’ state.

Mr Cuddles Cat, having decided that the carpet on the staircase won’t eat him up has returned to sleeping with me and insisting on being held tight during the night. It’s always an odd battle. I’m a restless sleeper, turning over several times during the night. Without him I must be able to do it without waking sufficiently to notice. (I know I do it because of the state of the duvet in the morning). With him there, it is a process of untangling my arms and rolling over, then he comes to settle in again, often wanting to cover my face, so we have a little tussle until he accepts that if he wants to be there he has to be BELOW the level of my face.

He was a rescue cat as an adult about a year and a half ago and has insisted on this ever since he arrived.

No; I haven’t tried combining him with another person in the bed. I think that would be a recipe for disaster. That’s why bedrooms have doors.

Since I returned from holiday and discovered that in the week I’d been away I was invaded by a huge hoard of fleas (now more or less gone) he has decided that the carpets are evil (or something) and makes his way around downstairs by leaping across the furniture until he reaches the safety of the tiled area.

They were both doing that initially, Nunu decided faster that if she wanted to sleep nearby and be ready for purrs and cuddles in the early morning that she had to get over her aversion of the carpeting on the stairs.

However after very vivid dreams about cats wandering in and out, catching the strangers to throw them out, I was actually rather glad to wake up and find just my own two here.

The dreams were so realistic it took a moment seeing a friend’s comment on Facebook to realise the person I referred to her for a Birman kitten was in my dream and not real. I do hope that very odd person doesn’t rock up demanding a kitten.


12 thoughts on “Getting ready for exam nerves, having vivid dreams

  1. I dreamt last night that I was in England and had lost my train ticket to get to London to fly home, I still feel vaguely anxious as to where it went!

    1. 3am catwails would make me pretty grumpy.

      Poor thing, mine all seem to have learned that they can come and sleep with me, but that I NEED to sleep

      maybe I have just been very lucky

  2. Tigger is not good at allowing us to sleep if we let him into our room at night. We get him a glass of water, pat his head, and send him off to his very own bed.

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