Wednesday, and I apparently have sex on the brain

I have realised another factor I’d use in assessing a candidate for a job.

The ones who are perfectly dressed, and walk to show off their clothes. Real people have the occasional wrinkle, or the top and bottom that are 1 shade different from each other or their hair doesn’t ALL lie exactly straight. Excessive perfection seems to reflect almost (or a full blown) obsession with how they look. This may well detract from their ability to actually DO WORK!

Once again I have been exposed to one of these. Looks perfect, sounds good, but work? Hmmmmmmmm. That somehow takes effort that is not reflected in the appearance.

So I have added to my list, beware of someone with an apparent obsession with looking perfect (unless you just want someone decorative).

Thinking about it now, I have had one or two disappointing experiences with men like that, their interest in sex is pretty feeble compared to men with less perfect appearance.

Reading a few posts this morning started me thinking again. Dangerous stuff thoughts.

Thinking about those of us who really hate and are hated by burny food, I realise we are under more and more pressure. For some reason more people become addicted to chillies and such. Chillies are in every food, even chocolate. But I have been hearing of more and more people who are actually allergic to chillies.

Is the addiction to chillies a substitute for smoking? The need to feel your mouth burning or tasting unpleasant could be behind it. Maybe they are all masochists? Their partners may need to explore that aspect?

I just realised this post is all about sex. That wasn’t where I started out.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday, and I apparently have sex on the brain

  1. I like burny food, just not blow-the-top-of-your-head-off burny! I categorically deny any masochist tendencies! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love burny foods – the hotter, the better. Only problem is they don’t love me! I am slowly indulging myself again after a few years’ break and working up to the really hot stuff…

  3. People have different heat tolerances. What’s HOT to one, is not even warm to another.

    But, a few of the BURN THE ROOF OFF YOUR MOUTH folks are probably masochists ~ trying to feel alive by whatever means they have at their disposal.

    That said, I enjoy hot food (like chili oil on curry) BECAUSE the capsacin increases metabolism and burns off calories so I can eat more without having to go to the gym. 😎

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