Tuesday mental meanderings

Housework. You never find me talking about it in glowing terms. You no sooner finish cleaning and whoosh the dirt comes flying in, attracted to the cleanness. And so the cycle starts again. I’m always amazed at people who seem to find such pleasure in it.

This week is ‘wash the pillows’ week. I can’t remember when I last did it. One by one they spend their time in the washing machine, then propped in the sun the next day, until they are dry.

I can’t remember pillows being washed when I was a child. I suppose pillows were all made with feathers back then. Now they are made of stuff that can be washed and spun until semi-dry. I don’t think they would tolerate the heat of the tumble dryer.

I wonder how many other things have changed over the years, such that our use and care of them is very different from our parents’ or grandparents’ experience of them.

Then I started wondering if sometimes we have moved beyond common sense in the rush to what is new or a bit different.

A telephone plugged into the wall, the only kind when I was a child, had some wonderful attributes. You always knew exactly where it was. If someone was on the phone, you knew exactly where they were. Would we go back to that? The flexibility of the cordless phone and the cell phone are wonderful. Yet I have about 3 places where I usually put my cell phone when at home. Why? Because I’m so forgetful I’d lose it if it didn’t have a few standard spots.

So moving briskly on with the day, I leave you with a quote I stole from MissChris this morning

Bring the past only if you are going to build from it. ~Doménico Cieri Estrada


8 thoughts on “Tuesday mental meanderings

  1. We buy new ones, too. I’m not one for chucking things out and replacing them every five minutes, but modern pillows seem to go lumpy when washed, so there’s no point washing them.

  2. Wonderful post, Sidey.

    We used to beat feather pillows . . . hang them on the line and whack the *#”$ out of them.

    I’ve found that certain pillows wash well. Others . . . must be tossed. The ones we have now can be washed without turning into lumpy oatmeal cushions.

    We have corded phones in the house so we don’t misplace them. I’m fine with stationary phones . . . but please don’t make me go back to using a rotary dial. 😀

    1. I think we did similar with the feather ones, to shake out dust,

      The pillow that comes out of washing all lumpy goes out.

      I saw a phone with the rotary look, but it had push buttons at each number spot. good retro look, but modern enough

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