Weekend theme – roundup

68ghia Aapstert
another day Averagejane
Chris Flower
gobetween Hopestar
Insane kateshrewsday
Kingfisher2 Lady-Bug
lydia MissChris
Reflections from a cloudy Mirror Sarchasm
Spirit lights the way (Nancy) theonlycin
Tilly (The laughing housewife) twolips

7 thoughts on “Weekend theme – roundup

    1. I don’t see a link to your piece up there . . . am I missing something?

      IMHO, it should be front and center. Terrific short story about how our fears and imaginings get in the way of our happiness if we aren’t brave enough to face them.

  1. I second Nancy! Also – any more angel stories coming? I hope so – I am enjoying them immensely. I’ve just finished up Anne Rice’s second in her new novel series that is about the activities of angels and their interaction with one human in particular, here on earth. Very good reads – I recommend them both! In the same way I recommend your blog and your angel stories to all my readers!

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