The orange angel

Si and I sat on a large fluffy cloud, watching the moonlight that streamed past us and made the ocean below gleam as it rocked and heaved. So restless that ocean. If it was one of the children we guarded I would have soothed it with a lullaby, so very restless.

Our twins were sleeping peacefully, having had a very good day of crawling and making themselves very tired. They were at that happy stage of discovery where every new experience brings delight to the child.

We sat talking of this and that, admiring the moonlight when we were approached by a rather unusual angel. He was orange. I’d never seen an angel that colour previously.

We greeted and he came to sit with us, quietly absorbing the scene below.

After a while we got talking, first about the moonlight, then slowly about who we are and what we do. He became quite excited at the thought of guarding. We told him that there is no formal organisation, but the Most Senior is usually aware of who needs guarding and puts the right angel or angels in touch with the needy person.

Together we all went off to find the Most Senior. She was sitting with the very dark angel. The two of them sensing our approach came towards us. The dark angel put out a hand to the orange angel and said, “Well done, so you passed all you needed to learn!” Then he hugged the orange angel.

The Most Senior waited for the introduction, and the orange angel said, I know I come from a different belief system, but I have just heard about your guarding and think it would be good to do.

The dark angel laughed gently, “Your last life made quite an impression on you, didn’t it?”

The orange angel laughed too. He said “It was hard at first. I had been proud that my soul kept learning and that I was only ever a human being.” When Si and I looked confused he explained, “Whatever your belief system, that is what works for you. I started out with a belief in multiple lives, until you have learned all you need to know and then you come to paradise. Therefore I had several cycles of life, but it seemed I would never learn about unconditional love. I was always expecting something in turn. For my last life I came back as a dog. I learned about loving and looking after someone, without expecting anything in return. The man I lived with loved orange as a colour, so I selected it now that I am an angel, to honour him as he allowed me to be free of the cycle of new lives.”

The dark angel said, “He was one in my care at the end of his life and lonely as people always wanted too much from him. You as his dog gave him the love he had never known before. He died happy with you at his side.”

The orange angel said, “I think I’d like to help guard people when they become old and lonely. Can you help me do that?”

The Most Senior said, “There is a woman, old and lonely. She will not die for several years yet. Would you look after her?”

The orange angel went off with the Most Senior, to be introduced to his first customer. Watching them go I thought I saw a tail wagging. But maybe I was mistaken.

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