Weekend Theme Progress

  Update on Sunday Morning  Nominator Blogger to contribute Their Theme Done Another Day Colonialist Preposterous x Colonialist kalinka Chicklit (or Chick lit)!   Go Between LadyBug Catastrophe. x JadedJayne Sideview /View from the Side Black and White x kalinka 68Ghia “Geisha”. x Kate Shrewsday Pseu Microcosm x Kingfisher2                  poppiekreer “ Tulips and cheese” x […]

Weekend Theme

As I posted on Thursday, this weekend theme is a bit different. This is the one where you nominate another blogger and give them a theme. They write and post, then leave me a message and I’ll update the list here so you can all go and see what they have written. Mail me at […]

Weekend theme preparation

Getting ready for the weekend theme Every now and then someone tells me of a weekend theme they would like to see. Unfortunately with my brain making a sieve look watertight, most of them slip out of my memory before I have a chance to write them down for later use. Last week Jaded Jayne, (who […]

A new experience for me

Yesterday I had a novel experience, well for me at any rate. I spent time in a radio studio, watching and listening to a live broadcast. Some time ago, a friend of mine was a guest on this community radio station. They were so impressed by her that they offered her a slot of her […]

Musings on Valentine’s day

It was as you may remember Valentine’s Day yesterday. A day with one really nasty memory for me. Some years ago, a Saturday it was, I received a phone call, from a most delicious sounding man, who wanted to know if I was me, then wanted to know if I was my brother’s sister. Having […]

Weekend Theme Roundup

The round up of all who contributed and left me a message theonlycin Poppiekreer nrhatch gobetween kateshrewsday Kingfisher2 Colonialist Tilly Bud Hopestar another day libras child lydia

Weekend Theme – 11 February 2011

It’s Friday. My brain feels dead flat after a heavy week of taking work that has been agreed in text form into diagram form. Pure slogging, no reason involved, no real thought required, just concentration. For me exhausting in ways that work of thinking and communicating thoughts could ever be. For two days I have […]

Muddy Bottom Ball

In 2007 Arb Thinker (who was then a Letterdash Blogger) challenged us to write something in the style of Terry Pratchett. I see Colonialist re-posted his. That sent me scurrying to find mine and do the same, just for fun. MUDDY BOTTOM BALL by VERRY BADSHITT MUDDY BOTTOM BALLS by VERRY BADSHITT   Mud Floats […]


Blogging I am about to start my third blog. Am I crazy? Probably. It’s a work related one. What’s on the site currently is pretty boring stuff. So now I can make it fun and interesting all at the same time. How often do you think a professional blog should have posts? Can I make […]