Wednesday Muddling Along

It’s Wednesday. The week is flying past. I wonder what the day will bring.

I’m reading a book about 3 young women doctors doing their internship at a rural hospital, and although it’s just a story some of it makes me so mad. The bit that made me throw the book down in disgust is one of them who approached the hospital superintendent (obviously a politically connected appointee because she has no clinical or administrative experience) to have the children’s ward cleaned and painted and the woman turns it down on the basis of a lack of funds, having just re-done the boardroom in admin in leather seats etc.

It reminded me of how often those in authority deem themselves more important than their responsibilities.

Then I started thinking about Gaddafi (I probably need a double dose of blood pressure meds today). The man led a ‘revolution’ and has now become the obstacle to revolt against. How many revolutionary leaders are actually good for their countries.

Stalin sprang to mind, a people’s revolution that in its aftermath killed untold numbers. Mugabe? Papa Doc? Is it inherent in a revolution that the attributes needed to push through to a ‘win’ are exactly NOT those needed to create a peaceful and prosperous country with a ‘better life for all’?

I was thinking about my role, am I better suited to assisting the ‘revolution’ than in running the ‘country’?


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Muddling Along

  1. Idi Amin is another who started out “other-centered,” or seemingly so, and ended up compleetely self-centered (which he probably had been all along!). Have you seen the film “The Last King of Scotland?” If you haven’t, please do. It is extraordinary!

    BTW, is the book you are reading “Heart and Soul” by Maeve Binchy? It sort of sounds like it.

    1. HI

      I refused to see the film, I knew how awful it would be (tension and blood not badly made)

      It’s the Angina Monologues by a South African author. I’s upstairs so I can’t see her name right now.

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