pre-dawn thoughts

So what next, if you evaluate your beliefs and discover your heart has taken a route somewhat different from how you were raised, and from what you thought you believed? What has been tentative has firmed into a more rounded belief, still somewhat chaotic, yet a form is taking shape.

 The early-hours thinking that makes you realise that your moral compass is internal and not necessarily the one imposed by a formal religion.

 Is it a passing phase in one’s own evolution?

Is this the next step in your awareness?

 Is it simply a dislike of the so-often two faced appearance of people claiming religion?

Is it arrogance to feel that one knows best for oneself?

 Is it too simplistic from those who believe in someone else’s say-so that a being they call by a reverend title told them what to write, especially as you see differing versions, each claiming to be the absolute and literal truth?

 Ah these treacherous early-morning thoughts, while the world is still dark, and only the tentative pre-dawn birdsong breaks the silence now and then.

14 thoughts on “pre-dawn thoughts

  1. What some people call arrogance . . . might be more akin to confidence. Instead of looking to others to guide what they should do, be, say, or think, they look within, consult their internal compass, and find the answers they need.

    When we know WHO we are . . . we know HOW to live.

  2. I have stated for years that I am Spiritual not Religious, because I believe that Religion creates divisions and sows disharmony amongst people, putting them into little boxes, and I refuse to be boxed or labelled!

    Only when we all realise that we are all one will the world change perspective and will all the fighting stop!


  3. I think these are the thoughts that are truest, because we are at our most vulnerable at that time.

    Like Xena, I am not religious; I have a faith. I happen to attend an Anglican church but I am not loyal to it; I am loyal to God (I hope).

    You should always be true to yourself and what you believe is right. It is certainly not arrogance to know yourself.

  4. I am a non-religious person without any belief in any god – that doesn’t mean I’m anti others’ beliefs, but that it doesn’t tie in with my rational thinking.

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