Grumpy? and getting my ass in gear (automatically)

I noticed again last week that there are SOME people who are grumpy, no matter what happens. One late middle-aged woman I have been watching for several weeks off and on; every day for the last few working weeks. Even when a young man who appeared to be her son came to visit, she still wore the same grumpy look and shortness of speech. Economy with words is all very well. But a smile can make the brevity politeness, instead of curtness.

There are days when anyone is grumpy, sad, depressed. But to go on and on! This is not the silence of depression, she volunteers to talk; by starting a conversation. Is there another clinically diagnosable condition of grumpiness. Could there be a cure of happy pill? How many would admit to being grumpy? I can imagine the denial at Grumpys Anonymous. “Hi, I’m Patricia/Patrick and I’m NOT grumpy”, would be the initial introduction. How could you get people to go there? Imagine spending time with several people all grumpy all the time? My mind and spirit shrink from this idea. It’s never their fault they are grumpy, it’s always someone else’s fault,

I listen to people like this in awestruck horror. THEY are always the only ones right, they have families, friends, spouses who NEVER match up to them. Yet they continue to associate with these people who annoy them so much. I do so wonder WHY they bother?

So moving away from Grumpyness, I went car test driving again on Saturday, having been advised by the mechanic chappie that my diesel is going to start costing a lot more money if anything goes wrong with the fancy diesel parts of the car.

A car salesman phoned on Friday. He had an e-class Merc for me to drive. I refused to go the previous weekend when he had a Honda Accord for me. I have loved my Hondas, but the Accord looks pompous. A week ago I drove all the smaller Hondas, from the little ‘sporty’ Hybrid to the 2 litre automatic Civic. (Just not the Accord). But there was no “AHA” moment. PS – that sporty thing is very nice (UNTIL you get onto a highway, then even in SPORT mode it is left-hand lane material only).

The same salesman who refused to even let me look at a beautiful Peugot 407 (that thing should have won design awards). It had been in a bad accident.

I arrived and we looked round the lot. The gold X-class Jag is still there. So I went over to deposit a teeny bit more drool on the paintwork and walk sadly away. I chatted briefly with the open Peugot, but the knowledge of the long delays in getting parts from France made me just pat it’s cute silver side and wish it good luck in finding someone who will love it.

There was a recently arrived AMG SLK 320. I decided to start with it. I’ve had a racing car and a sports car previously and thought I would like to return (at a reasonable price) to driving one again. (Making me feel young again etc?)

A VERY hard ride, they obviously have done something to make the suspension even harder with the AMG conversion. But I just didn’t get a thrill driving it. (Maybe I really am too old for a sports car these days?) I test drove an SLK last time before I bought and really enjoyed it, but the price was somewhat beyond what I could justify for a car, so sadly then I moved from my then-sports car to a sedan.

Then the E-class. Nice, like driving a bathtub. I always promised myself if I ended up driving something that big it would have a Rolls Royce Angel thingy-person on the front. And maybe, just maybe some husky good-looking chappie in a dark suit driving me around? So sadly, put it back.

So on to a 2-door C-Class. AHA! Back to my comfort level. Similar to my rocking-chair I drive now. Enough power to make me happy, comfortable enough to feel fine on a long drive. Automatic so bumper-to-bumper town traffic doesn’t give me a pain in the knee and clutch foot. Small enough to feel not yet ready for a hearse. So it’s bye-bye to “Peter-The-Wheels” sometime this week, and hello to the replacement. Somewhat newer, petrol driven. And it has just been serviced by the mechanic who will be looking after it for me, who said he thought it was a good buy. (Though he did wonder why I didn’t take the SLK instead).

Now to decide if this is a male or female car………..

19 thoughts on “Grumpy? and getting my ass in gear (automatically)

  1. Wow you should write for a car mag! Good grief all I have ever worried about is getting from A to B safely… Maybe if I had the wherewithall for anything else… But I still think it’s ridiculous that cars and houses can cost the same!!!

    1. there are some cars out there that cost a whole lot more than my house did 8 years ago.

      i could have a problem writing for them, i don’t have a male or a traditional female view of cars

  2. You should be on Top Gear!

    As for grumpiness: it’s a choice that becomes a habit; just like cheerfulness. I was one; I made the decision to become the other. But you need motivation. Is anyone friendly to her? More than once, I mean.

  3. Great post. I have a suggestion for the coming weekend theme: Name the new car! Just post a couple of photos (int. and ext.), and let your readers have a go at “sexing” and naming it! You might want to give us some info about quirks you’ve noted so far, but whatever. . .the prize for winning would be that the car’s surname would be the winning blogger’s name. That way, for example, if I won, the car’s new “full” name might be “Chutzpah Paula” (or Calhoun, or Reflections, or RFACM – pronounced “er-FAKE-em”). I’m not yet making my entry, mind you, but “Chutzpah” makes sense for a C-class, doesn’t it? 😀 You wouldn’t need to use the surname on a regular basis – just when your car had to fill in credit applications, or employment forms, etc. So on any ordinary day, you’d hop in your car, and go driving off with Chutzpah! And in your case, since your car is fairly small, you’d never need a lot of Chutzpah, but you’d at least always have a little!

  4. One more thing (I just got carried away above amusing myself). Concerning grumpiness – it is indeed a choice! Naturally grumpy people are happier that way. . .the paradox of all time! Occasional grumpiness, in response to circumstance is understandable, and I will let brief periods of it pass – in my friends and family, as long as they are willing to put up with extended periods from me! 😀 I will close with one of my favorite all-time quotations, from the play “Harvey:” “My mother always told me, ‘you can be oh, so smart – or oh, so pleasant.’ Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.”

    ‘nuf said. . .

    1. hehe, my previous cars have never filled in forms, that’s a whole new concept.

      My racing car had quite a few names, based on the registration. That was fun, as it sort of made people think up names.

      PTW – I was working for myself, very much on my own at the time, and he sort of told me his name as I walked towards him to get in the first time (and rush across to Pretoria for a last session with a government client)

      I can only agree, pleasant gets so much donewith other people.

      1. They don’t call them “smart cats” for nothing! Same with “smart phones.” Pretty soon you won’t even have to think up your own blog posts – just tell you phone to dream up one for you. . .

        . . .and then post it.

    1. The car’s registration is PTW.

      In Gauteng(and a lot of SA), the registrations hae for many years been 3 Alpha characters, and 3 numeric, followed by an indicator of which province the car is registered in.

      Foryears it was a game I played with my god-daughter and other children while driving them places, you’d read out the letters, and then make up words, like a name or something silly. So it eventually stuck, that a car gets it’s name from the registration.

      JSK was Just Super Kar
      LPG – was (among others) Little Pretty Girl. (My brother decided, based on its speed that it was Long Phucking Gone)


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