Weekend Theme Progress


Update on Sunday Morning 

Nominator Blogger to contribute Their Theme Done
Another Day Colonialist Preposterous x
Colonialist kalinka Chicklit (or Chick lit)!  
Go Between LadyBug Catastrophe. x
JadedJayne Sideview /View from the Side Black and White x
kalinka 68Ghia “Geisha”. x
Kate Shrewsday Pseu Microcosm x
Kingfisher2                  poppiekreer “ Tulips and cheese” x
lydia Jeanius (no hyperlink provided) ‘women in domestic violence’  
madmom sarchasm Childhood memories x
NR Hatch Daaivark (I gave Daaivark one intended for me) Your Favorite Things. x
originalnocomment Niels Sisters x
poppiekreer Mandolina (no link provided) “East Capers and Pap & Wors”  
Pseu Kate Shrewsday An Alternative Perspective x
Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror (Paula) Kenneth Olembo Pain and Relief  
Sideview /View from the Side Another Day Teenage boys x
The only cin Views from a broad “Non, je ne regrette rien”  
Tilly Bud Go Between Camera x
  Blogalott A pint and a half  
  half-pint and halfp1nt Spiders I have loved  
  JadedJayne Why I did this to sideview  
  Insane Sanity  
  Kingfisher2 Elephant x
68Ghia libras child A love story with a twist”  
  Lydia Pride  
  NR Hatch /Spirit lights the Way Stepping off home soil  
  Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror Being sensible  
  Tilly Bud Tightrope walking  
Another Day Rooikat (another view) Sour Grapes x
Sideview O, G! Skeleton in the cupboard  
poppiekreer Twolips Winter and summer x
sarchasm Hopestar Compassion x
  Cloudy Tight Jeans  

16 thoughts on “Weekend Theme Progress

  1. I’m fine sitting this one out, Sidey.

    I prefer it when you assign one central theme and we can see different takes on the same topic.

    Thanks for your fine efforts.

  2. I read Go Between’s take on my suggestion and I really enjoyed it, particularly as it brought back memories of my Mum’s own Polaroid camera.

    Sorry I couldn’t comment on the actual blog.

  3. @Daaivark ~ Loved your take on Favorite Things:

    “You see, one doesn’t really need Julie Andrews to make things magical. One doesn’t even have to trick things out in their Sunday best. It’s just a matter of loving the place one is in, the things with which one chooses to surround oneself…. and the people that make it all real.”

    So true. Bloom where you are planted. 🙂

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