Weekend theme preparation

Getting ready for the weekend theme

Every now and then someone tells me of a weekend theme they would like to see. Unfortunately with my brain making a sieve look watertight, most of them slip out of my memory before I have a chance to write them down for later use.

Last week Jaded Jayne, (who I suspect is a mink in sheep’s clothing) made a suggestion that stuck in my mind. It’s to have everyone who wants to participate suggest a theme, and nominate a blogger to write about it this weekend. It’s going to take a bit of organising, so of course I decide to do it when I’m running flat out at a client, and when an out-of-town friend is here briefly.

So here’s what needs to happen.

Mail me sideview77@gmail.com, with the detail of

a) what your blog identity is

b) where you blog (I usually only have WordPress and Letterdash bloggers contributing, but I have high hopes about some from Blogspot joining in one of these days)

c) who you nominate (id and blog home)

d) and what the theme is for them

Let the person know that you have nominated them.

I’ll start posting all that tomorrow morning. If possible I’ll update during the day, and again on Friday night and over the weekend.

Then you look to see if you have been nominated and for what theme, create your post and leave a message and I’ll flesh out the roundup with all those details.

Here’s a list of some of the recent contributors, in case you would like to look for someone to nominate. Please feel free to nominate anyone you think would have fun doing it, and not just someone off this list.

If more than one person nominates a single blogger, I’ll take the earliest mail message and use that one, and I’ll try to tell the others to nominate someone else.

Another Day
Go Between
half-pint and halfp1nt
Kate Shrewsday
Lady Bug
libras child
NR Hatch
Pauline C
Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror
Spirit lights the Way
Tilly BudJadedJayneRooikat (another view)



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