Weekend Theme

As I posted on Thursday, this weekend theme is a bit different.

This is the one where you nominate another blogger and give them a theme. They write and post, then leave me a message and I’ll update the list here so you can all go and see what they have written.

Mail me at sideview77@gmail, or leave a message who you want to nominate (please spell correctly or leave me a hyperlink or address.

I’ll add them to this list, you tell them they’ve been nominated and when they leave a message, I’ll flag their completion with an x or a comment.

Nominator Blogger to contribute Their Theme Done
JadedJayne Sideview /View from the Side Black and White  
Another Day Colonialist Preposterous  
NR Hatch Daaivark (I gave Daaivark one intended for me) Your Favorite Things. Done, and a surprise!
Tilly Bud Go Between Camera  
Sideview /View from the Side Another Day Teenage boys  
Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror (Paula) Kenneth Olembo Pain and Relief  
Go Between LadyBug Catastrophe.  
originalnocomment Niels Sisters Done, short but not sweet
madmom sarchasm Childhood memories  
The only cin Views from a broad “Non, je ne regrette rien”  
Colonialist kalinka Chicklit (or Chick lit)!  
lydia Jeanius (no hyperlink provided) ‘women in domestic violence’  
Kingfisher2 poppiekreer “ Tulips and cheese”  
poppiekreer Mandolina (no link provided) “East Capers and Pap & Wors”  

If you have never played with us before, create and post your contribution. Then leave a message here so I update the list and give everyone a chance to read them all. I cross-update between WordPress and Letterdash, so being on different platforms means you all get to read all of them.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Just for the record, Sidey (and it’s really no big deal – a common mistake), my full name is Paula Tohline Calhoun – and not Pauline. I was technically named after my paternal grandmother Pauline, but as Pauline rhymes with Tohline, my folks thought that was a bit cruel. ( My grandmother married into the name!)

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