Weekend Theme – 11 February 2011

It’s Friday. My brain feels dead flat after a heavy week of taking work that has been agreed in text form into diagram form. Pure slogging, no reason involved, no real thought required, just concentration. For me exhausting in ways that work of thinking and communicating thoughts could ever be. For two days I have nearly slept at the desk. How I admire anyone who edits, their own or other’s work; without flagging and going to sleep.

So of course I have been longingly thinking of creating, inventing. Anything that involves thinking, playing in the brain.

Does one have to be a genius to invent? If so, what is the definition of genius? Just a measurable level of intellectual capacity, or an ability to see things anew, or in an unexpected condition or juxtaposition with other things, so that something new is created? After all we all know people with a supposedly high IQ who couldn’t invent a cup of tea faced with picked leaves, hot water, a teapot and a cup. The dullard ‘genius’ sneers at those who don’t learn as fast or know as much, but does a high IQ also bring the spark of seeing differently?

After all the IQ tests evaluate learning and calculating and reasoning capability. Maybe the creative can’t be measured in a standard test?

So, from my musings came the idea for this week’s theme


Create your post; leave a message here for me so that on Sunday I can do a round up with links, for everyone to be able to read all of the posts, on whatever blogging platform.

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Weekend Theme – 11 February 2011

  1. I don’t think anyone has to be a genius as defined by those canned IQ tests.
    I think the fact that someone does create makes them genius by default if only in the area of their creative gift.

    Does anyone care or even know how good Stephen King is with mathematics?

    How good Elvis was in carpentry?

    Is Beethoven less of a genius if he doesn’t undestand astronomy?

    Is Thomas Edison less of genius if he can’t sing or dance?

    Great blog, great post, and I am happy to have found it.


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