Roundup for the weekend theme

As so many participated, it was a great fun theme, everything from hints to jokes and back again. One thing is for sure, we all think manners are disappearing.

  From WordPress and Letterdash (I still have to persuade the Blogspot folks to play with us)

Click on the name and you should get to either the relevant post or to the blog in general


half-pint and halfp1nt


Kate Shrewsday


Go Between

Tilly Bud


Another Day

Lady Bug

NR Hatch


Spirit lights the Way


Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror


Pauline C


and (tongue in cheek and feeling cheeky) I posted on WordPress and Letterdash

13 thoughts on “Roundup for the weekend theme

  1. Given the theme, I thought I’d better come here to tell the Letterdash bloggers that I did read all of their posts; but I couldn’t comment without signing up.

    A really fascinating and varied group of responses. This theme was great fun.

    Thank you. 🙂

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