Weekend Theme

Friday. An interesting and different week. A conference that ended with 2 speakers to make one stand up and applaud. Now that’s inspirational.

One thing they both showed in their manner and words, consideration for others runs through their motivation. It comes out in how they spoke of difficulties and overcoming them together, pride in others achievements.

A while ago, chatting to a young woman who said she wished she had better manners, and described the airs and graces of some rather showy young women. She was driving as we chatted. Then we came to one of those big circles at a multi-street intersection. She stopped and waved an elderly woman over the road, she looked as though she had stood there for a bit, nervous to step off the pavement.

My immediate reaction was, this youngster already has all she needs in terms of manners. She is considerate of others, it’s built in. The other is not really manners, it is ways of behaving to reinforce one’s own superiority. To me a huge difference.

So that’s the theme for the weekend.


Have fun, create a post, and leave a message here. If WordPress and LetterDash are both up all weekend I’ll try to do a roundup on Sunday. (Poor Letterdash staff, problems they couldn’t control kept them offline)


27 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Excellent distinction ~ much of “manners” is pseudo-sophistication and putting on airs. Real manners is kindness, compassion and consideration.

    great theme!

  2. Hey Sidey,

    Long time *grin*

    I agree fully that manners are one of the most important thing in life… “Manners Maketh the Man (or woman)”. I have just left a campaign that I gave the last 4 months of my life to and really believed in, because of manners and a huge lack of the ability to appreciate and say “thank you” once in a while.

    It takes me back a few years when I was working in the retail industry, organising and running stock-takes… working with about 600 students, and they thought I was a hard-taskmaster (which i am, hard but fair!). Anyway, months after I had left the company I was driving home and as I turned the corner I heard someone shout out my name and looking back saw a young African chap that had been one of my supervisors, so stopped to chat with him…. what I had to laugh about was that he was complaining how much the team missed me, and said that the one thing they all misssed was the fact that at the end of every stocktake I thanked them all for their hard work (as I did to every staff member of mine at the end of each day/evening when I managed/owned restaurants). Just goes to show…

    As regards LD, I stopped blogging there because of the atmosphere for the past 2 yrs, and have now just re-birthed my blog on WP, will be connecting with all the old LD crowd by and by.

    Take Care and Namaste
    (Xena) ;}}

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