Who do people attend? I looked around yesterday and wondered. Some definitely were there for the food; piled plates at the tea breaks and at lunch. So much so that those like me who were slow in getting into the food queue had enough to make a side plate look good, but not the huge plate in my hands. Anyhoo (as Trinity used to say) I didn’t need a lot, just enough to keep the blood sugar stable and the tummy from rumbling audibly. Besides I’d had a tartlet at morning tea and finished off the day with a samosa.

The speakers were there, they come and support the others.

The exhibitors were there, because they are sales people and are looking for prospects. I think they doze in corners while the presentation sessions are on, and awaken as soon as they hear applause, wash their faces, comb their hair, and straighten their ties. (Oh how I remember aching legs at the end of long days of standing and being BRIGHT!)

Then those who had no responsibilities at the conference (like me). I went to do some catching up on some of the newish stuff and activities out there. Some are looking for information at the planning phases of doing something new. Some are just there. Someone whose background and current job I know was there, looking vague all the time, and I suspect she accompanied someone from one of her customers and was terrified that they would ask her something she didn’t know. Or maybe she was looking for a job? Others in the industry, like me taking in some new ideas, gleaning from others experiences, making and re-making contacts.

I reminded a few people of my existence. Hopefully there will be some work out of it sometime in the future.

So off I go again, to sit and listen, making notes as inspiration hits, have my coffee with snacks, and the lunch standing while I chat to someone from the industry. Time out for re-charging the brain is always a good idea.


4 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. I agree with Cindy. Take a reasonable portion and swing back for seconds, if you’re still hungry, AFTER everyone has been served.

    I generally avoid conferences ~ too much milling about between sets.

    1. that’s when you get time to see people you haven’t seen for ages.

      i remember friends who hadn’t seen each other for years, both suprised when they ran into each other an a world economic conference in Davos

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