Story 2 – Part 11

The club was for consenting adults, hence the question in the online response to him by Denise. The platform was there for those who liked having sex with others watching. David and Barbara admitted their marriage had seemed to be going rather downhill when they discovered the club. Since they started having sex with an audience, they had re-discovered an interest in each other. They never had sex with anyone else, but the audience made them both enjoy it more.

Dennis sat, his ears ringing, his brain not comprehending it all. It all seemed impossible, this could not be him, here, hearing and seeing this.

David and Barbara finished their drinks and thanked Tom. They needed to go and dress and leave, the baby sitter needed to go home before midnight. Dennis stared in amazement, they had children? A Babysiter?

As they all rose, Dennis realised he and Tom both displayed signs of erections. Tom seemed happy and Dennis felt somewhat embarrassed. Tom turned to him and said, I hope you are coming home with us, we have been looking for a fourth for a while now and you look ready for some action.

Dennis felt all the excitement drain from him. A foursome, sex in front of another man? This was too much for him. He mumbled something and fled.

Having lunch next day with an old friend he confided that being alone wasn’t as easy as he has believed it could be. He didn’t dare tell him of the previous night’s experience.

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