Some deaths and a verdict

Death seems to all around this week. The chappie who wrote so many 007 films themes and music dies. The chappie who wrote the book about the sheep herding piglet that was the basis for the movie BABE, also died.

But then this morning, there I was, driving along, raido on, half listening and concentrating more on the traffic, I half heard a story of someone who died in an accident on a bridge in the UK somewhere. It’s a narrow bridge with a traffic light either side to control the flow, one way at a time. Anyway there was a head on crash, and a woman died. The investigation showed that a snail or slug had crawled over some vital component, causing some short-circuit. The verdict, accidental death, but we all now know she was killed by a snail.

I suspect that could be a world first, for someone who didn’t EAT the snail.


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