Roundup for the weekend theme

I haven’t done this for a while Here are the links for those who left me a message Kateshrewsday TheonlyCin And here are the ones on Letterdash who participated, click on the name for the link Rooikat   another day   mandolina Poppiekreer   lydia   jacvan   68ghia   Colonialist   Hopestar   bb […]

Something in the air!

It’s usually all around us, unless we are out in space, or under water. But then water is really just a special kind of thick air. AIR So how can there NOT be something in the air?  There are so many things in the air. First there are the gases that we believe are the […]

Weekend Theme – 14 Jan 2011

It’s Friday.  Time for the weekend theme.  I was chatting to someone online the other day and we mentioned a spate of ‘famous’ women who are currently pregnant. She said it must be something in the air and I responded with “their legs”. Such an old joke, but it still evokes a smile. So that […]

Story 2 – part 2

Johan was just what she’d hoped for. Taller than her in her heels, dark and pleasant looking. His smile when she finally saw it was warm and genuine. The three of them danced near each other. Then they went back to the table for a drink. Dennis tried to behave possessively by seating himself next […]

Story 2 – part 1

Dennis looked at the crowded room and sighed. This was going to be even longer than he had imagined. Sally was sitting with one of her girlfriends, chatting away animatedly. He was stuck with the rather serious young man who hadn’t quite explained what he was doing for a living. Or rather, he seemed to […]


Delusions: I think we all have them. We all believe things that aren’t true. How do I know this? Because my delusion is that I know everything. (Despite evidence to the contrary that inconveniently pops out at least 200 times a day).   But more seriously, how many people out there have some really serious […]

All of a sudden

How can a smell evoke such strong memories. Smells you weren’t consciously aware of, such a part of the background. Then suddenly, like the rain, they strike. Leaving you doubled up and gasping in pain, or smiling and purring in memory.

Was I ever that young and enthuastic?

Last night I watched the movie “the social network” about Mark Zuckerman who created Facebook.  Interesting combination of technical genius, conceptual genius, a young man who didn’t make friends easily but understood social interactions, and what youngsters need in their social interactions. From his easy throwaway answer to an exercise  in class only a very […]