Story 2 – part 6

Lunch was an interesting meal. To Dennis, many unusual dishes. Salads that had fruit and vegetables mixed up, things he couldn’t identify. He disliked asparagus and that started a food discussion, with all the adults talking at once, and a few of the children passing comments he would not have tolerated from his own, let […]

Weekend theme round up

Here are the WordPress links, at least those who left me a message about having done it. Cindy Psueu Kate Shrewsday All That Matters Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror  And those on Letterdash who contributed to it gobetwee Poppiekreer twolips bb Hopestar another day 68ghia Blossom lydia EXPLORER  Libra’s Child Sarchasm


Is it a good thing or a bad one? I suppose like so many things it’s a two-sided affair.  Pride in a personal achievement is probably good as it tends to spur us on to more achievements. Pride in the achievements of family and friends can also be good.  I suppose the problems could start […]

Weekend Theme – Friday 21 Jan 2011

It’s Friday, and that means time to post the Weekend Theme. For those who haven’t participated yet, it’s a way for various bloggers to create a post (or more) around a theme. They leave a comment here that they have posted. Then people can link to the different contributions and read them. It’s always so […]

Story 2 – Part 5

He was surprised to be met at the door by a man, in his estimation about his own age. The man introduced himself as Mary’s father-in-law, David. They walked through the house and out to a medium sized garden, seemingly full of people. This was not at all what he’d hoped for. A romantic little […]

Story 2 – part 4

Now without Sally to flirt with, Dennis started frequenting a local coffee shop, and when things were quiet he started chatting to the waitresses, and to the owner; Mary G, a women in her 40’s, with thick, dark hair, cut short as he liked. Her smile always seemed especially warm when he came in. After a […]

50 years ago

A young friend reminded me of this today.  50 years ago Patrice Lumumba was assassinated by the CIA, who regarded him as an enemy, an upstart who wanted his country’s riches to benefit the country’s own people and not those of the coloniser and the US companies who owned so many mines there.  All through […]

Story 2 – Part 3

Johan helped her to her feet and said mildly “Maybe you should get out of that relationship if he is abusing you”. Having ascertained she was ok, he apologised for leaving her and rushed off.  When Dennis phoned later to find out how she was, she was curt with him and said she was busy. […]

Story 2 – part 3

Dennis phoned again the next day, to ask her for coffee. Fortunately she had to attend a meeting with a new client so she could give a valid excuse. She had to put him off for that evening too. She had a body corporate meeting to attend as the company representative. Fortunately her job kept […]