Story 2 – Part 10

They settled on seats around a sort of platform. Denise sat close next to him, with her hand on his leg. He felt slightly anxious and somewhat aroused by this.

In walked a couple, he clad in a sort of sarong and she in a thin wrap, with obviously nothing underneath. They climbed onto the platform and stood there, kissing and caressing. Dennis had no idea where to look. But his curiosity got the better of him. Denise’s hand moved on his thigh.

The woman allowed the man to remove her gown, and Dennis stared. She had the biggest breasts and nipples he had ever seen outside of a magazine of the sort his wife had despised and banned from the house. And she seemed happy to flaunt them. She reached down and removed the man’s sarong, displaying equipment such as Dennis had only ever heard of but never seen. But then he realised he had never seen another man aroused before. He looked in amazement. Such size!

What amazed him even more was neither of them had any body-hair at all!

The pair became more and more entwined, and then the coupling began. Ways Dennis could have sworn were physically impossible, but there they were doing them. It went on for what seemed like a very long time. When the pair were apparently both satiated, they lay still for a few moments.

The audience applauded. Dennis still feeling quite detached and shocked, applauded as well. The man picked up his sarong and wrapped it around himself. The woman gathered up her wrap and tied it around her.

Tom smiled and waved over the waiter with a tray and 6 glasses and a large bottle of champagne.

Dennis was shocked. They were coming to drink with them! Tom said, “their appearance is always so popular at the club, I think it’s to do with David’s size. Impressive, isn’t he?”

Dennis was embarrassed but shook hands with both of them, wishing they could have had a chance to wash them first. David and Barbara sat holding hands, and Dennis could sense this was not the end of the evening for them. They realised Dennis was new to the club and started explaining.

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