Weekend Theme

It’s Friday, time for the weekend theme. After some experiences recently with people exaggerating their importance, outcomes from an event, and especially the ANC publicity machine and the media exaggerating the story over at Milpark where Madiba has been receiving treatment for a collapsed lung. One side almost suggesting he is dead, and the other insisting it is all ‘routine’. (Actually if one of my lungs collapsed, I’d like the medics to treat it as unusual and not routine, my lungs are BOTH supposed to work – all the time).

From Wikipedia

Exaggeration means the describing of something and making it more than it really is. The verb is to exaggerate.

An example of exaggeration would be: “I was walking along when suddenly this enormous dog walked along. It was as big as an elephant”. The dog may have been big, but it was certainly not as big as that. Another example of exaggeration would be: “I caught a fish as big as my house.”

Overstatement is another word that means almost the same thing. The opposite of overstatement is understatement.

A hyperbole (IPA:[haı’pɝ.bə.li]) is a type of exaggeration that is used in literature. It is a figure of speech. The opposite of hyperbole is meiosis, which is an understatement.

People exaggerate things because they have strong feelings about something. People may exaggerate to make people listen to what they say. They may do it to emphasize something. They may also exaggerate just to sound funny:

So, obviously, this weekend the theme is


As usual, post your contribution, and leave me a message HERE that you have done it. I will do a roundup of all the contributions to make it easy to get to read them all.

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