Story 2 – Part 7

Next morning he went for his usual coffee. Mary herself brought his coffee and sat down to chat for a moment. He thanked her for the lunch. She thanked him for the lovely flowers.

Then she said “What did you think of my mum? You two are both alone and I think you’d be perfect for each other?”

“Mary, my dear, she is too old for me. Look at her grey hair!”

Mary laughed, “That’s a family thing, mine is also almost silver, one of these days I’m going to stop dying it and just be another silver mink like her.”

Dennis just sat and stared. His lovely Mary, with silver hair like the old woman.

“Besides”, Mary continued, “mum is years younger than you”.

Dennis went home, a man far sadder than before.

The next Sunday when his daughter, Sue asked about his date, he replied indignantly “She wanted to set me up with her MOTHER! Can you imagine me with an old woman?”

Sue laughed ”Dad, you’re not a spring chicken any more yourself”.

After lunch, with the children outside playing, Sue’s husband Martin, said “Dennis, we’ve been looking around and we have found you a nice cottage at ‘Shady Gardens’, where my mother lives. It would be a great relief to Sue and me if you’d sell your house and take that, then you’d be closer and we’d know you’d be taken care of should anything happen to you.”

Dennis started to argue and went home in a huff. Him! In an old aged home! Never! Well not until he was old.

He was still vital, full of life’s forces, ready to take on anything!

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