Story 2 – part 6

Lunch was an interesting meal. To Dennis, many unusual dishes. Salads that had fruit and vegetables mixed up, things he couldn’t identify. He disliked asparagus and that started a food discussion, with all the adults talking at once, and a few of the children passing comments he would not have tolerated from his own, let alone from his grandchildren.

One child smiling stated that only SHE could make the quiche that was standing as a beautiful display. Mary smiled fondly and said, “When you’re a little older we’ll expand the coffee shop into a full restaurant and you can become famous for your quiches”.

When Dennis had some, he had to admit that the quiche tasted rather like ambrosia and when he told the child she smirked and said “but it has asparagus in it, and you don’t like that. Why are you trying to suck up to me?”

Dennis was thunderstruck. Anne-Marie came to his rescue, “Amelia dear, this is white asparagus in the quiche. Dennis doesn’t like the green. I am the complete opposite, give me the green and you can keep the white. That’s why I prefer your feta quiche, when you make it”

Dennis chatted politely to Anne-Marie, feeling he was doing his part by keeping the old lady entertained.

After dessert everyone moved to the shade under a large tree, some spread out on rugs and proceeded to fall asleep. Dennis was shocked. How could they do that in company? Anne-Marie asked if he’d like to look at the garden. Dennis asked “Where is Mary?” and Anne-Marie replied, stacking the dishwasher. She says there’s only room for her and Peter in the kitchen. As always with this gang there are no left-overs to tidy up.

They walked round with Anne-Marie explaining that she came here twice a week to supervise the gardener, and the design and planting had all been hers when they first bought the house. Now she lived in a flat nearby, and Mary and Peter had bought the house from her after her husband died, leaving her with little to live on.

As soon as Mary came out to the garden, Dennis excused himself, saying he had a bit of a headache and wanted to get home before it became too bad.

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