Story 2 – part 4

Now without Sally to flirt with, Dennis started frequenting a local coffee shop, and when things were quiet he started chatting to the waitresses, and to the owner; Mary G, a women in her 40’s, with thick, dark hair, cut short as he liked. Her smile always seemed especially warm when he came in.

After a few days, he always had his favourite table waiting, and almost as soon as he walked in his coffee was ready for him. Then little biscuits appeared on his saucer. One each time he had a cup, and they were definitely home made.

He began to think longingly of having her with him all of the time. Making his breakfast, which since his wife died was always cornflakes with milk and sugar.

She asked him about his wife, and when the whole story came out, she said “Oh, but then you must not be alone. Come and have lunch at my home on Sunday.” He took the details, and for the next two days he walked with a little spring in his step. She wanted him in her life!

He phoned his daughter and said “I have a date with a pretty woman on Sunday, I’ll have to give our lunch a miss”

On Sunday at 11 he left the house, and went round to the corner shop, to buy her some flowers. The florists were so expensive, but the local grocery shop had these lovely colourful bouquets at a price he could afford.

It took him a while to find the house, tucked away in a small dead-end street. It looked quite large for a single woman to live in.

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