50 years ago

A young friend reminded me of this today.

 50 years ago Patrice Lumumba was assassinated by the CIA, who regarded him as an enemy, an upstart who wanted his country’s riches to benefit the country’s own people and not those of the coloniser and the US companies who owned so many mines there.

 All through history, assassinations of those who want something other than the powerful want.

 Warnings for South Africa, we have people behaving like the CIA, killing those who are the ‘enemies’ of the powerful, because they want betterment for all citizens.

 Maybe our own version of WIKILEAKS will eventually come out. Hmmmmmmmm…… one wonders

Good article here

10 thoughts on “50 years ago

  1. this reminds me of an article by Eric Miyeni. Where he advised americans never to face the wall because they have managed to make enemies with the rest of the world.

    1. There are so many of these stories from the developing world. The CIA played really evil games to put into power those who they thought would best serve US interests. Apparently Gaddafi was one of them (or was it the Iranian?)

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