Story 2 – part 2

Johan was just what she’d hoped for. Taller than her in her heels, dark and pleasant looking. His smile when she finally saw it was warm and genuine. The three of them danced near each other. Then they went back to the table for a drink. Dennis tried to behave possessively by seating himself next to her, before Johan could get there. Johan looked a little bemused.

Sally finished her drink quickly and Dennis said, “Should you drink so fast? You should have let me drive you, then it would be ok.”

She shrugged and got up to return to the dance floor. Dennis followed.  She felt embarrassed dancing with him, it looked as though she was dancing with her father. How could she have been so stupid.

She said “I have a headache. I’m going home. You can stay if you like.”

Collecting her things, she bent to say goodbye to Martina and said “call me later”. She bent over Johan and gave him a kiss on the cheek, exposing enough cleavage for him to be sure she was interested. She said “Meeting you was the highlight of the evening, I hope to see you again.” She touched Martina’s husband on the shoulder and blew him a kiss as she passed by.

Dennis escorted her to her car. He leaned forward to kiss her goodnight.  She moved her head so that he kissed her cheek. He murmured, “I’d hoped for a bit more from our first kiss.”

She just got in, and drove away with a little wave. Damn, she’d forgotten to thank him for escorting her. Now she’d have to phone him tomorrow.  Why had her mother drummed good manners into her?

The next morning Martina phoned, knowing she’d be having breakfast at home before tackling the traffic. She said “Johan was quite confused as to why you’d brought your father along. When I told him that man is not your father, he asked what the relationship is. So I told him, it’s very casual. I hope I was right?”

Sally thanked Martina and they got to discussing how to get Sally and Johan together again soon.  With her head full of Johan and work she had no time to think of Dennis again until driving home when her phone rang. It was Dennis.  She answered, wishing he was phoning to say he didn’t want to see her again.

Wrong! He was inviting her to dinner at his house that evening. She said she was very tired after the previous night and suggested “some other day, maybe”.


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