Delusions: I think we all have them. We all believe things that aren’t true. How do I know this? Because my delusion is that I know everything. (Despite evidence to the contrary that inconveniently pops out at least 200 times a day).


But more seriously, how many people out there have some really serious delusions?  I read about a rape case, the man said he “had a right to sex”.  Eh? In what universe does he have a right to something that simply uses another human being without their consent. Oh yes he has the right to ask her if she is interested. But of course she has the right not to be and to tell him so, and then to be left untouched.


I once had a neighbour who thought if she worked hard at something that SHE thought was for my good, then I should be thankful. The fact that she ruined so much didn’t come into it. She felt that if she meant well and spent time doing something, then I HAD to be grateful, and in return agree to whatever plan she wanted.


These are not uncommon delusions.


I was wondering about addicts, are they deluded into believing that what they are doing is actually good for them?  I read somewhere that some alcoholics become so when they feel better after the alcohol has removed some inhibitions. This has to do with it removing the panic feelings to do with some serotonin imbalance. Hey if you only felt not-anxious after a drink, wouldn’t you be looking forward to the first one of the day? I know I would.


So I wonder if there is something equally like plugging a hole that other drugs fit into for those who become addicted?


Others have delusions of attractiveness. I was wondering about that woman who tried to kill the younger man who wasn’t interested in her. Hello lady, men go for youth and bouncy boobs, and no demands in a relationship that is casual. I have a neighbour these days, close to 70 who thinks he is irresistible to women in their 30’s.  Helloooo, they are either happy in their relationships or looking for someone with a future. It’s not as though he is wealthy enough to have them flocking for hand-outs. Our contact at the managing agent (usually women in their 30’s) changes regularly when they have had enough of him and his phone calls for coffee etc. I know he is lonely, but he really thinks he’s cute.


I know someone who believes she can cook. She makes disparaging remarks about the culinary skills of others (who I KNOW can cook pretty well), she says ONLY SHE can cook this or that, yet she has no practice at it, so I’m pretty sure her skills are rather rusty. I think I’d take my chances elsewhere.


Maybe it’s our delusions that drive the world along? Maybe without them we’d all be sitting in a corner of a cave muttering “I can’t, I can’t”.


Maybe they are necessary………..


13 thoughts on “Delusions……….

  1. People are generally odd. Daniel Goleman: “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.”

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