Tuesday, and the week is well under way

I love good surprises.

Yesterday I spent a few minutes in the garden, taking a breather from mental activity.  First I was in despair over the sheer number of Inca lilies coming up all over.

But then the nice part; there over to the side, not really visible from the dining room where I work, was a lovely surprise. An indigenous plant I bought some years ago, and that so far has just put up 3 long thick stems with big leaves making a round pattern like a circular hand on each, had finally flowered.  Not just one big flashy flower, but a series of smaller dainty multi-leaved orange flowers.

What a lovely surprise. Just what I needed after noticing that despite ALL my digging and removing, that hundreds of Inca lilies have appeared.  WTF? I gave away bags and bags of the bulbs. I re-dug every inch and removed what I thought were ALL of them.  This thing is a bit like a Triffid or something.

Oh well, out comes the female killer in me. I’m going to poison them! One by one I will paint on the killer stuff. No spraying, or something I want to grow may die.

They are like weeds. What’s the definition of a weed? Something growing somewhere that someone doesn’t want there.

What is it with us? The things that grow easily are despised or removed, those that take time and effort are prized.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday, and the week is well under way

  1. Good to hear someone who loved their garden. There is nothing like nurturing a plant which is finding its feet, or controlling one which has got above itself. Gardening is good for the spirit 🙂

  2. Deep down we probably think that the more difficult to grow a particular plant, the more value it adds to the garden.

    I also loathe housework, but I’m quite content to spend hours slogging away in the garden. It’s so much more rewarding to see something take root and flourish, whilst the house gets untidy/dusty again all too soon.

  3. Robert Frost said that, if he knew he only had one more week to live, he’d keep tending his garden. 🙂

    Glad you had a nice surprise to counter-balance the “weeds.”

  4. Hi Sidey….it is so damn hot here I have not put a foot in the garden…oh wait…even if it was cool i probably wouldn’t. I am a lousy plant Mommy,
    Hope the new year is great for you.

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