Monday morning musings

This morning, looking at pictures of friends of mine who have been through a rocky patch and have come through it, stronger together, made me feel such hope. How often do we give up, not realising that if there is to be change for the better, we ourselves have to make the change?

How often do we wish others would change, yet we are the lever to move them? Not with force but by attraction, by taking the first step forward, hard as it may seem.

This weekend I have heard of three other friends going through similar rocky patches in their lives. All I can wish for them is the same type of journey that brings them out with their partners at the other side, together and far stronger than before.

I too need to make a few changes, so I must also start step by step on them, trusting myself enough to follow through.


6 thoughts on “Monday morning musings

  1. It is one of the deep mysteries of life that I am a Michael Jackson fan. I love Man In The Mirror: I should listen to its message a great deal more often than I do.

    Brilliant post, Sidey. Today is a good day for a first step, and I’ll join you.

  2. Sidey ~ You might be interested in The Serenity Principle:

    While Bailey focuses on the treatment of addictions, the theories behind The Serenity Principle apply to everyone, and its practical application will benefit anyone searching for greater peace of mind:

    “When we mind our own business, we see that the greatest power we have to influence others is by changing ourselves. When one person finds serenity and lives in a stress-free state, it is an inspiration to others. If I encounter someone in my world who is happy, it makes me look at how I am responsible for creating my own unhappiness.”

    A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step . . .


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