’twas the week before Christmas

‘twas the week before Christmas and all through the house was peace and goodwill for Joe and his spouse. The shopping was hers, the wrapping was his Neither was happy, but neither was mis’. Presents all done and with a nice tag As Santas they thought it was all in the bag. A call from […]

Weekend Theme

It’s the last Friday before Christmas Eve. Time for the weekend theme. I went to a mall yesterday, to buy a potato-ricer and go to a movie. The day turned out rather differently and I came home with my birthday/Christmas present to myself (IPOD and SPEAKERS), having had a lovely lunch of soup and starter, […]

A Story – part 105

Leo and Anthea returned from honeymoon very relaxed and rested, ready to tackle almost anything. They almost immediately settled into a routine, all of the charities and other organisations who wanted their presence were examined and carefully selected. Anthea was most involved in those looking after children and those handicapped by various physical disabilities, Leo […]

A story – part 104

Philip sat at home for two days, watching television and drinking. He was bored and worried. Who would want to do this to him and why? He tried phoning Penelope but she did not answer. Another bitch who would just desert him. Well he could do without her and her lies. He phoned his friend […]

A story – part 103

Gerard and Benita (Mrs W) continued to see each other regularly. Through the wedding preparations she was a good advisor and companion. Gerard wondered why it had taken him so long after his wife died to find such a companion again. On the wedding day she was around in the background. She had enough sense […]

NRHATCH’s challenge

How far my love for you has taken me. From the world of the Seven-11 where hand-sanitiser and applesauce come in handy squeeze-tubes, where you drive along the turnpike, even in a blizzard, safe in the automobile and everything is a convenience, to a world where scurvy still is rampant, and Kilimanjaro looms on the […]

Looking Back

One of the most famous stories about looking back is about Lot and his wife. She disobeyed the injunction not to look back and the silly woman ended up as a pillar of salt. I have always taken that story to mean that if you look back for the wrong reasons you become paralised, embalmed […]