A Story – was he all bad?

A few months ago when several commentators decided they knew how a short story of mine would end, I decided that they were wrong, and proceeded to write episode after episode to string them along.

At that stage the story was all about getting two people together. And my pair faced innumerable obstacles.

Then one evening, visiting a friend, she mentioned how difficult it was to give a human face to an evil character. Could you make them also appealing as a human? After all Mrs Stalin must have loved her baby boy and Mamma Hitler probably kissed chubby cheeks and was hugged by a small boy who loved her. These evil people have had friends, but as we like to demonise those proven guilty of an evil deed, we don’t want to believe it, our emotions get in the way.

So I decided to take my charming youngish man and make him the wrongdoer. Building up to it. Then the deed, and people went from liking and sometimes feeling sorry for him, to demanding a bloody end for him.

So now I have a question for those who read the story, commented, kept it alive, and in many ways owned it. Is it difficult now, when you know him as a baddie, to remember how nice and charming he was in the early stages? What is your gut feeling about him?

3 thoughts on “A Story – was he all bad?

  1. Excellent re-cap and questions, Sidey.

    I didn’t join the party until you were getting ready to tidey up Sidey’s tale, so I shall leave it to others to answer those questions.

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