A story – the last part

The project to build the house on Anthea’s part of the family estate progressed well. Anthea and Leo went about once a week together or separately to inspect the progress.  The changes to the design as made by Thomas made it a more beautiful and interesting home. They had to change some aspects in order to make it safe for children.

When they were there, they often visited Lisa, Theresa and Thomas at their nearby farmhouse. Leo laughed and said it was to keep an eye on his wedding present. Little Edmund was a sturdy toddler, getting into everything. Thomas had fitted a child-proof door to the studio after one disaster when Edmund had been found ‘painting’ over a completed picture.  Thomas announced that although the child obviously had talent, he was a little young to be left alone in the studio.

One summer weekend when baby Paul was about 8 months old, and the house had been completed, they installed the statue. It took a whole team and some heavy equipment to put it in place exactly as Thomas dictated. Anthea was not sure at first, but when she went inside the house and looked out at it, she realised it was perfect.  Leo came and stood behind her, put his arms around her and said quietly in her ear, “Now we have our spirit guardians, it’s time to spend more weekends here, just the three of us, away from the world”.

Over dinner that night with their 3 friends and both babies asleep the conversation was convivial and full of laughter. Then Lisa said suddenly “Did any of you see the news today? Philip was found not guilty of an involvement in the Vredna bombing. The terrorists at the base where he was filmed have all said he was just a tourist looking for excitement, and had no operational knowledge. So he’s been released. He says he’s returning to the military as his career in diplomacy has been ruined.”

There was a silence, then Theresa said “As long as he is never based here!”. Leo raised his glass and toasted her. Anthea looked at Theresa and Lisa and said “You are both drinking grape juice, is there something you want to tell us?”

Lisa and Theresa looked at each other and laughed “We are both 3 months pregnant, our babies are due at about the same time”.  Theresa added “Almost a miracle for me as I was told I could never have children”.

Thomas just beamed at everyone.



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