’twas the week before Christmas, and I was thinking

‘twas the week before Christmas

People have posted their activities, their hopes, their sadnesses. It’s a different time of year, getting ready to party. Sometimes spending too much money on presents for people we don’t know or worse, don’t actually like.

People looking forward to fun times.

People not looking forward to family arguments, yet who all insist on getting together anyway.

People partying, eating and drinking too much. Others feeling the financial pinch and hiding away so no one will notice.



I witnessed family sadness at a funeral this week. It reminded me so much of the year my father died. We were just in no mood to celebrate Christmas, yet there were presents, a special meal, all the trimmings, and us all subdued. Smiling and laughing just was not what we felt like. It still reverberates through Christmas for me, every year.

Yet this time is all about anticipation, of rebirth and renewal.  How hard it is to think of that, when your heart plunges you into moments of great sorrow between the ordinary activities of a day.


People fear the loneliness so much at this time of year. It’s a time of year for so many suicides.

How do people become lonely? Listening in to them, so many of them talk of being neglected by others, usually by family. Yet these ‘lonely’ people do not make the effort to reach out to others. When you invite the’ lonely’ neighbour in for a cuppa, you may have been feeling lonely yourself, but by reaching out you break the shackles of loneliness for yourself.

I realised I do have a wish for this week. That all the lonely people each just each make the effort to reach out to one other human being who may also be lonely. Friendships come in so many surprising forms, that we can’t afford to let our pre-conceived ideas of who we should be and who we should be with interfere with actually being happy.


10 thoughts on “’twas the week before Christmas, and I was thinking

  1. Friendship is such a comfort. Your words ring so true: we are expected to be happy at Christmas, but life is not selective and our world can end this time of year. Amazing post, Sidey, thank you.

  2. Excellent post, babes.
    We don’t do the pressie thing at Christmas, but did our usual buying of animal food which we will take through to our local SPCA this week and ‘care’ hampers filled with edible goodies and nice smellies which will be taken to our local old age home.

  3. Neighbourly help much appreciated this morning -help with the snow and a lift to the supermarket! I’m sure adversity helps us reach out to others.

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