’twas the week before Christmas

‘twas the week before Christmas and all through the house

was peace and goodwill for Joe and his spouse.

The shopping was hers, the wrapping was his

Neither was happy, but neither was mis’.

Presents all done and with a nice tag

As Santas they thought it was all in the bag.

A call from aunt May

“I’m coming to stay

Christmas and New Year

Specially to bring you good cheer”

The year had been bad, the money was tight

They wondered and wondered with all of their might.

Dad, being a pharmacist, knew what to do

In her drink, a special drop and then two.

Stiff and cold was aunt May

By the time they took her away.

When finally they read out the will

She laughed at them still.

A fortune she left and Joe was her heir

Provided she’d died – elsewhere!



17 thoughts on “’twas the week before Christmas

  1. BWA_HA_HA_HA! Love it. And in my usual style, I’m reminded:

    “Some primal termite knocked on wood,
    Tasted it and found it good.
    And that is why your (Aunty)* May
    Fell through he parlor floor today.
    – Ogden Nash

    * originally “cousin.”

    Love your theme!

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