A story – part 104

Philip sat at home for two days, watching television and drinking. He was bored and worried. Who would want to do this to him and why?

He tried phoning Penelope but she did not answer. Another bitch who would just desert him. Well he could do without her and her lies.

He phoned his friend David, who apologised and said he was very busy and couldn’t speak at that time.

He eventually went out for a walk, and was surprised to realise he was being followed. He tried running. He thought he had lost the followers, but realised there was a motorcycle that seemed to be following him. So he gave up and went into a bar. When he realised it was the bar where he had picked up those women who had infected him, he left hurriedly, leaving half of his drink behind.

Then on the third day he received a call from the Ambassador’s secretary, asking him to be at the embassy by 10 the next morning.

When he arrived, the security guard escorted him to a conference room and asked him to stay there. Almost immediately the two men from TNS walked in. They were carrying recording equipment, a laptop and a file of papers.

As they set up the recording equipment they did not speak. The one initiated the session by turning on the recording equipment, confirming who he was, and identifying both of them. Then he asked Philip if he would like a lawyer present. Philip declined as he felt the lawyer had let him down earlier.

The man then started to repeat the lies he had heard days previously.  Each new lie was presented as a fact and Philip asked confirm it. When he tried denial of travelling and started saying that he had been kidnapped, he was asked how his passport had been stamped leaving and returning.  How photographs had been taken by surveillance equipment, and how his behaviour on the plane and in the airport had been witnessed. The security recordings from the airport were available to show how drunk he was and how he had hit his head. He demanded to see them, and was shocked to see himself doing exactly what they accused him of.

 They handed over transcripts from the aeroplane crew and a few passengers regarding his behaviour on the flight. Again he had apparently been drunk and rude almost to the point of injuring someone. He protested that he wouldn’t hurt anyone, ever. The senior TNS man said, “Sir, please don’t put us in a difficult position. We also have eyewitness stories from the restaurant where you hit Miss Penelope a few evenings ago”.

Philip started to protest, but the man held up a hand. “Sir this sort of pattern of behaviour is too widespread and has too many witnesses for any denials.”

They then sat and explained to him what would happen next. He was to appear before the court in Vredna, on charges of conspiracy in the bombing there. The TNS men would accompany him to ensure fair treatment of one of their citizens.  “Of course you have no longer got diplomatic immunity anywhere, explained the senior. We will escort you to your apartment to pack for the trip. You will be allowed civilian clothes for the trial.”

They left him for a while and the Ambassador came in. He explained to Philip that he had had sufficient complaints about Philip’s behaviour to refuse to take him back at the Embassy should he be found innocent in Vredna. He suggested he return home after the trial, if he were free, and see what head office wanted him for, or if he was to be released from the service.” The embassy would ensure his apartment was packed up and all contents placed in storage back home.


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