A story – part 103

Gerard and Benita (Mrs W) continued to see each other regularly. Through the wedding preparations she was a good advisor and companion. Gerard wondered why it had taken him so long after his wife died to find such a companion again.

On the wedding day she was around in the background. She had enough sense to know that this day was not about her.  At the formal lunch she sat with other family friends and thoroughly enjoyed herself. At the wedding party the following night she was Gerard’s constant companion, the pair of them seeming to be completely at ease with each other.

When the bridal pair left for their honeymoon, Gerard and Benita were packing to go to the fishing lodge for a few days break.

As they were having a last cup of coffee with their early breakfast a visitor for Gerard was announced. It was an old friend from his days in the army. He introduced Bernard to Benita and Bernard joined them for some coffee. Then the two men excused themselves for a few minutes.  Bernard, being head of the state security body, wanted to discuss the ‘sting’ he and Gerard had planned against the man who had raped Anthea.

Bernard reported “The man has been in captivity for a week now. He has developed a suntan such as he would from exposure in uniform, and a beard that makes identification of someone with a similar beard easy to mistake for him. The phone calls have been made to and from Tripoli and the outposts as agreed, using his cell phone. We have the photographs edited for proof.

The double is ready for the return trip from Tripoli and all is arranged for Frankfurt airport. His home security have been contacted and two specialists are arriving today to assist with the investigation.

What we couldn’t have timed was the bombing in Vredna. That has played right into our hands. We knew they were planning something, but there were several possibilities and the various security forces covered most of them. This was an unfortunate breach as people died, but it has played into our hands.

One of my most experienced operatives will meet him at the airport and keep him busy until we are ready to openly confront him. She has been working on getting into his like for a while now. Her sister was married to an abusive man who felt it was his right to rape her as part of his abusive control. Penelope has a particular hatred for rapists and volunteered when I told her the mission.”

Gerard expressed his complete satisfaction at having found a way to get the man out of his country.  He said “Leo has yet to learn the use of friendships for mutual benefit, the utilisation of power to protect the innocent and those weaker than their persecutors. He would probably be shocked, but then I raised him for civilian life, not for the kingship. His brother would have understood immediately what we needed to do.  My thanks, old friend.”

They shook hands and Bernard said “It is always a pleasure to help the man who saved my life and that of my wife; we have never forgotten it, or your kindness.”

At the airport Leo and Anthea were whisked through all the formalities, boarded the plane ahead of the other passengers, and had a smooth trip, mostly asleep, to Vietnam. They had a wonderful honeymoon, with time to relax, play sport, adventure into the countryside and see the country. The time alone to discover more about each other as lovers just confirmed for each of them that this was their life, together.

Meanwhile Gerard and Benita continued with life at home, in the country where Benita proved to always be a better fisherman than Gerard, much to his amusement. In the city for the social activities required of them. Gerard standing in for Leo or Anthea at some social events found Benita a cheerful companion at these occasions.

Every few days when Gerard was in the capital, Bernard would drop in for a chat. Both of them were very satisfied with the progress of their plan.


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