NRHATCH’s challenge

How far my love for you has taken me. From the world of the Seven-11 where hand-sanitiser and applesauce come in handy squeeze-tubes, where you drive along the turnpike, even in a blizzard, safe in the automobile and everything is a convenience, to a world where scurvy still is rampant, and Kilimanjaro looms on the horizon, where the water buffalo pulls a plough and flimsy red cotton sarongs replace the need for flannel, where we squeeze our own oranges, and no longer see Tang.   Africa my love.

Challenge from NRHATCH:  Write a Love Note (max 200 words) in any format, using at least five of the following nouns: Seven-11, scurvy, turnpike, flannel, Kilimanjaro, blizzard, applesauce, Tang, water buffalo, and hand-sanitizer.


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