A story – part 94

My wedding day. I woke a little later than usual, and almost immediately there was a knock on my door, and in came the maid, bearing a breakfast tray. She smiled and said, I have orders that you are to be completely spoiled today. So in half an hour I’ll be back to run your bath.

That started the day just right. Little treats all the way. Then my friend Donna who is my bridesmaid arrived carrying her dress over her arm and looking quite relaxed.  Actually she and I laugh and I tell her she’s my ‘best lady’.

Then the hairdresser and make up artist arrived, having finished my mother’s hair and makeup. The simple upswept hairstyle we had tried previously and it was simple to do and won’t need 4 tons of spray, nor will it collapse during the day.  Then the make-up. At least we agree, not too much makeup for my wedding, a very natural look.

A glass of milk and a tiny snack. So that I’m not thirsty or hungry, or get the shakes. Everything has been thought of for me today. The butler arrives to tell us Leo has left and that he asked me “please don’t be late”.

Finally into my dress, with my mum and my best friend helping. Mum smiled and hugged me, “This time it’s for ever”. Then the jewellery we had chosen for the wedding. It’s antique but very beautiful, and goes well with the simplicity of my dress. That’s based on a picture I saw of Audrey Hepburn in one, long sleeves as it’s autumn, with an amazing swirl of fabric that just ‘walks’ with me, in a silk crepe de chine that flows and seems to subtly change tone with the light. The light sheer veil, which will be easily removed afterwards.

When we walked out my dad was waiting, and he hugged me and told me I looked too beautiful for words. The designer, who was waiting with him, handed me my bouquet, creamy roses and lilies, my mum and the designer also were hugging, she congratulating him on my dress, which she said was just perfect; it’s ME, not too fussy, simple and elegant. It all worked so well. And the designer sighed, no last-minute alterations needed. He’d been worried as so many women either gain or lose weight just before their weddings, and this was not a dress that could easily be altered.

All the palace staff are lined up on the way to the family exit for the palace. They all smile and clap, most of them calling out best wishes. They won’t be at the ceremony, they will be here with the extra staff doing the finishing touches for the wedding lunch. I thank them all.

Then out to the cars. My mum and Donna in one, my dad with me in the other. I don’t recognise either of the drivers, they have these funny ear-pieces for talking. They must be some kind of extra security detail.

This is it. No desire to turn back, just a happy anticipation that soon Leo and I will be married, and our future together awaits.


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