A Story – part 86

‘Queening’ Ceremony Checklist

Outfit – done, hanging in Leo’s cupboard at the Palace, as I will have to change there between the wedding celebration and the queening ceremony

Promise / vows – the legality agreed and written, binding me until we both retire to hand on the responsibility.

The whole ceremony has been organised for me. All I have to do is arrive in the formal side of the palace, say my vows and be accepted.

Wedding Checklist

Dress – done and hanging at the designer

Shoes – they have arrived and been worn in on clean carpets, they are very comfortable

Undies, all new and waiting in the cupboard

Hair & Makeup, booked, they are coming here

Flowers, agreed with the designer, ordered

Jewellery – agreed and Gerard has organised security to deliver them on the wedding day morning

Service and music, church and minister – all organised, my promised thought through and written so I can’t get nervous and fumble them

Best friend to accompany me – organised to the last detail including buying her a present

My parents to walk me down the aisle together – organised.

The wedding luncheon, organised for the formal section of the palace.

Clothes, passport and visas for honeymoon, done and in the safe

All obligations shelved formally while we will be away

Best fiancée ever – Done!

Wedding present for Leo – that one has me stumped!

Leo and I were talking again last night. We do so much of that. How can we have been so blind about each other? We thought we were the best of friends, but really we were lovers with our eyes closed. Maybe the time just had to be ripe for us to see how special we are to each other.

I have never been happier, in a warm and comfortable way, like the softest blanket that warms and protects without inhibiting or constraining and yet also excited. For the first time in my life, I can see a way forward filled with the love of my Leo, the two of us ready to face the challenges of life together and enjoy the rewards earned.  Being queen to the country I love so much will be a labour of love and not an obligation. Can anyone be so lucky? I have already been approached to be spokeswoman / ambassador for several projects and organisations here at home that I think are very worthy. I must just pace myself and not over-promise,

Yesterday I went to visit my brother to ask his advice about Leo’s wedding present. MEN! He was useless in providing ideas.

Today I’m off to the glass factory and the gallery.  I wonder if Thomas would have any ideas for me?

Just two more weeks to go. Nothing can spoil it all now I hope.


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