Weekend Theme – 12/11/10

Friday morning;  time for the weekend theme.

As usual, post your contribution and leave a message here so that people can trace them all and enjoy the variety that so many creative people produce around the theme.

Famous last words

17 thoughts on “Weekend Theme – 12/11/10

  1. Hi Sidey! I’m quickly getting ready to get the hospital in time for some more hand surgery, but I couldn’t resist sending the following “Famous Last Words” to you! This is one of my favorite subjects, but today, rather than some of my own, I share with you some headstone inscriptions from the “Famous Last Words Cemetery,” the “Men Only” section. Every once in a while the cartoonist “Wiley” does a panel in his “Non Sequitur” cartoon strip that includes some of these famous last words, and they never fail to crack me up! If you’ve never read the Non Sequitur cartoon strip, I suggest you sign up (free site) for the “Go Comics” site and read through the archives of this strip – the site also includes tons of other strips, including Calvin & Hobbes, etc. Anyway – picture the grieving women standing at the foot of their husbands’ graves, reading some of these “Famous Last Words:”

    “Hey, Trust Me”

    “Yes, I Know What I’m Doing”

    “It’s The Black Wire To The Red Wire, Right?”

    “What’s The Worst That Can Happen?”

    “Pull My Finger”

    “Don’t Worry, I’ve Done This A Million Times”

    “That Doesn’t Look So Hard To Do”

    Cheers! (And wish me luck!) 😀

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