A Story part 83

When Leo and I went away for the weekend, it was also the weekend that Gerard had arranged to take Mrs W fly fishing as her prize in the fundraiser for the orphanage.

We returned to the city at mid-morning on the Monday and were surprised to find the pair of them, still dressed in country clothing having a cup of coffee in the family sitting room.

They were obviously very comfortable in each other’s company, and when we inquired how the fishing had gone were quite amazed to have Mrs W , a socialite who I thought never went into the countryside, tell us all about how much fun it was.  The weekend had obviously been a great success.

The next evening Gerard surprised us by announcing he was going to some opening night with Mrs W that week, a party over the weekend, and other arrangements they had made together.

Despite, or perhaps because of his years as king, Gerard preferred a quiet life now. This was not at all like him.

Over the next few weeks they seemed to spend a lot of time together. When they again went away for a few days fishing on their own, Leo and I speculated over their relationship.

Meanwhile I was involved in the wedding arrangements, the arrangements for the ‘queening’ ceremony which was NOT quite a coronation. This took time with various public figures, lawyers and constutional experts.

Having my third wedding dress made was quite exciting as somehow the designer seemed so very happy about it, and wanted me to look “beautiful, regal, womanly, sexy, and myself” all in one dress. As a widow I could choose the colour, and selected a cream so pale it was almost white.

I decided on a formal suit for the queening ceremony, and on the palest grey silk for it.

Shoes for both were a bit of an issue, as one foot was still a little bigger than the other, and no longer quite the same shape, despite nothing having been broken. The dress designer has a friend who designs and makes shoes in Milan, so I flew there for help. Now I have wonderful shoes for both outfits, and ones that will also be comfortable for standing in for quite a while, as will be required of me.

The designer came to visit and she, Gerard and I decided which of the family jewellery would be appropriate for each event.

I was amazed that because of Leo’s position, his lawyer and mine attended us at the palace to work out our marriage contract. This time I was marrying a man who wanted all aspects of our marriage clear, including what could happen in the event of a divorce.  We had had enough discussions over this to be sure of what we wanted in the contracts, so it was easy.

When we had finished and signed the agreements, we stole the rest of the day to ourselves, went out for a long lunch and home to my apartment for some privacy.

In bed he said ” You do know all that stuff about a divorce settlement is just to make sure we never divorce; you are the most important person in my life, and I will do anything to keep you happy”. And then he went on to show one way of making me happy.

Some time later he lay with his hand on my stomach and said “how soon do you want our first child?”  I thought for a few minutes and said “quite soon, but I don’t want morning sickness to spoil our wedding day”.  Leo laughed and said “Well there’s nothing to stop us practicing until the time is right; is there?”


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