Every action (except the involuntary reactions to something) is a deliberate decision by a human. Not thinking of the consequences of something doesn’t make you innocent of the action and its consequences.

This was on my mind this weekend, and then up popped a comment from a friend, far away in NZ, about this killing.

Everyone who knows the shooter is shocked and saddened, and kept on about what a good man he is. Goodness takes thought. It’s not only about being nice to those who are nice to you. It’s thinking through everything you intend to do, and understanding the consequences. Just because other people do it, doesn’t make it right.

Here was a man out hunting with a spotlight to find animals in the dark.

WHY? He is not short of food. NO!


Why can’t the family realise that, for him, the action of raising the gun, aiming and firing is about killing.


I think not.


10 thoughts on “Innocence?

  1. If he thought he saw two eyes reflecting the light, then was the victim wearing a light on her forehead that was actually TWO lights. If that is the case then he would be innocent, assuming that hunting is allowed in the area and that he had the necessary permit.

    1. apparently spotlight hunting is legal, but it’s an area with people in it. if you are not sure what you are shooting at, why are you shooting?

      people seem to think they don’t have to be accountable for deliberate actions (especially with lethal weapons), what MADE him pull the trigger 0 the desire to kill something, and he did

      1. What I was trying to say is that, to the best of my knowledge, people’s eyes do not reflect light. Therefore it was reasonable for him to think it must be an animal he was shooting…

        1. what is different about people;s eyes and animal eyes.

          it is still the whole hunting with a spotlight thing that is wrong.

          my friend in NZ says this is not the first time someone has shot a human in this way

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