A story – part 77

I returned to work, to wrap up, hand in my resignation and then plan a handover. Fortunately we were in maintenance mode and not in the middle of a big project. I will miss that aspect of my life, but when one door opens, sometimes others need to be closed. The handover will be quick and easy, as I have no problems going back when needed for a discussion. After all as a shareholder and director I have a personal interest in the business running well.

Leo and I had discussed my working. He was right, we do need to be in the same city, and he really can’t move where he needs to be. So I will finish with the job. I have kept my directorship, as a lot of that involves occasional visits away from the capital, more time on the phone and on-line. Some meetings, but those can be here in the capital quite often.

I don’t want to give up my glass enterprise, and he agreed it is so much “mine” that he would have been sad to see me leave it. After all I’m not needed there every day, and again, quite a lot of what I do can be done anywhere.

So I’m selling my apartment and renting one in the capital near the palace until the wedding.

Now to plan for the future.

First off was a session with the constitutional expert over my possible role. He said that after all the press fuss, there is more pressure for me to be queen, rather than just the king’s consort. So that will involve a ceremony. There is only precedent from a long time ago, but he thinks he can come up with an acceptable format with enough links to the past.

Leo and I discussed it and he says he would so like me to be what people will see as a full partnership between us and not just as a sort of legal hanger on. The way he sees it makes me happy. I do so like doing things of value with him.  Lucky we have the same feelings about so many issues.

Now I’m all excited over the future. Not just the personal side, which makes me want to dance and sing. I smile more these days than I ever have. I feel this happiness deep inside me, I want to be with him. Somehow all that wild happiness I felt in love before seems so much less in substance than this.

I’m also looking forward to new projects in support of the country. The orphanage will become my personal project, but Leo was so impressed by the two orphans who stayed over for the concert, he thinks we need to get involved together in more projects for the young.

 Planning for this wedding is a whole lot more complex that my first wedding (when I just did what I was told by the media relations people), or how Philip and I had planned to be married.

We know there has to be public viewing of the ceremony, and Leo is trying to have the ‘queening’ ceremony at the same time. I think that will be one very full day. There is a whole team, legal, religious, political, media specialists all involved.

Last night in bed Leo held me close and said “I almost wish we could just take the family and close friends, find a small church and marry quietly, then have a party somewhere secluded.”  He has started staying over at my apartment now and then, just for us to feel we have time to ourselves.

This morning, I received an odd phone call. From a clinic. The person said I need to come in and see them related to a possible infection.

I checked online and found it is a clinic for those infectious diseases that have to be traced. I phoned the palace doctor and explained the call. She said she would phone and find out what is up, why they would want to see me.


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