A Story – part 76

Thomas came in from an early morning walk carrying the newspaper. He poured himself some coffee and sat down. Theresa was feeding Edmund and Thomas sat and watched with pleasure as she sang gently and stroked the baby’s head as he drank. Lisa came in with her hair still wet from the shower, kissed Theresa and then the baby.

She poured herself and Theresa some coffee and started to make them all breakfast. Thomas got up and helped her. Putting their usual condiments on the table, putting out plates and fetching things as he knew she would need them.

They all sat to eat, Edmund in his cot, hopefully for a little post-snack snooze.

Theresa put on the radio as she wanted to hear of any major traffic problems. She needed to drive to the capital and wanted to plan her leaving time and trip based on the traffic reports.

The news was on and they were all quite surprised at one item. The king was marrying some princess of a country that didn’t really have royalty any more.  “What a pity he’s not marrying some local woman who is one of us”, said Lisa “I wonder how old she is if she’s a widow?”

“I wonder what she looks like, are there pictures in the paper?” Theresa asked. Thomas opened the paper and there on the front page was a photograph of the king and his princess kissing.

There was also an older photograph of the princess from the time when she was married previously and often in the international social news with her playboy husband. They looked at it, and Thomas sighed. “Well there goes my chance of using Anthea as a nude model. “

They were all quite surprised; it wasn’t that long since Anthea had broken off her engagement to Philip. How had this happened so quickly?

“I do hope this isn’t a ‘rebound relationship’ for Anthea” commented Lisa. It would be a lot less easy to break off an engagement to the king. After all people like that do live a lot in the spotlight.”

Lisa quickly read the article in the paper. “Anthea and the king are some sort of relations”, she said “they have known each other since childhood. They have been working together on the orphanage as a project for a while now, long before the earthquake”.

“I wonder how Philip will take the news?” mused Theresa. Lisa replied with a laugh “He’ll just find someone else to dominate, poor woman whoever she is”.

After breakfast, Theresa washed the dishes, Thomas swept and mopped the floor. Lisa returned, dressed for the day. She had Edmund’s bag ready packed to spend the morning at her parent’s house while she worked.

Edmund was soundly asleep. Lisa sighed “I hate to disturb him, but my first patient is due at the rooms in 20 minutes.”  Thomas replied “Leave him, I’ll take him over in the pram after he wakes up, I need another walk as I seem to have no inspiration for today”.

Lisa smiled and gave Thomas a kiss, “You are better than most fathers, thank you”. Theresa walked with Lisa to the car. They discussed their prospective day a little, hugged and Lisa left.

Theresa went back inside and collected her things for the day’s trip to the capital and the meetings she was to have.

When Thomas delivered Edmund to Lisa’s mother she invited him in for a chat and some coffee. While Edmund gurgled at the toys hanging from his pram, they sat in the morning sun and chatted.

They discussed Anthea’s engagement as she was known to all from her childhood nearby and her association with the glass factory, workshop and gallery.

“I’d better finish off the portrait of her, should I add in her engagement ring? Is there a picture of it?” mused Thomas. “Oh yes, it’s here in the paper”.

Thomas went off home to finish the portrait, with renewed interest in completing it.


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