A Story – part 75

Carlo announced that to finish the evening he and the two selected orphans would sing the national anthem.  Leo had returned to my side and assisted me to stand as my foot was by then rather painful.  We stood, hands touching as we listened. The whole audience joined in for the ending and we all felt happy to be together.

Carlo then said “Well folks, that’s the end of the entertainment! We have had the news that we have tonight raised enough to make a substantial difference to the orphanage and its facilities as we re-build it.

I think we owe Leo and Anthea a round of applause for all their work and caring about these so valuable youngsters.”

Everyone applauded, then he added “Come on up to the front Anthea and Leo”.

We went forward, and Carlo lifted my hand and showed my engagement ring. “I was fortunate enough to meet these two people over lunch today and I think they are hiding something from us all. I believe  that there should be an announcement by this couple. Just when were you two planning on telling us we are going to have a new queen?” He smiled.

Leo and I looked at each other. We hadn’t planned this yet. Then the cameras started flashing from the two press members who had attended for the social pages of the news.

Leo also smiled, put his arm around me and said into the microphone held by Carlo “We hadn’t planned on making it public yet, we wanted to get the orphans sorted out first.  However as our secret has been discovered, there is no point keeping silent. It’s true, I have found the love of my life who has agreed to be my wife and queen”. We leaned towards each other and kissed briefly. 

That was the photo that went round the news, here and abroad.

The musicians started playing a favourite local song, usually played at weddings, and the whole party started to clap and sing. 

The next morning we were besieged with calls from the TV station and newspapers for special interviews and a photo opportunity. We were a family secret no more.

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