A Story – part 72

The next morning when he finally awoke with a hangover of note, the two women had gone. He was relieved because being polite would be difficult with the way his head felt. He showered and dressed, the thought of food revolted him. He went to work.

He saw David who took him aside and asked “Was that your ex-fiancée who was rescued by the King?”

“What do you mean?” Philip asked, confused.  David handed him the newspaper.  There was the story and the king’s statement about it. The day before while he had been feeling guilty over Anthea, she had already been rescued the day before that. And by the king! A wave of anger flooded over him. That man, ruining Philips life, and probably just to have Anthea as his mistress. Philip would have made her his wife, if she hadn’t run off like that.

Philip’s guilt disappeared. Now he felt it was Anthea who had manipulated him, to make him feel guilty, unnecessarily.  He wondered how he could repay her for the hours of anguish he had felt over her.

Through the king maybe. He needed to find out something nasty about him to tell Anthea. After all the man had humiliated him. In private yes, but still a humiliation that needed repayment somehow.

He bought all of the newspapers, and read the story from every angle. He turned on the TV in his office, something he only did for world-class political emergencies.

Meanwhile he turned his thoughts as to how to help his country use Anthea’s company’s special manufacturing process without paying the royalties he had initially negotiated.  After all, he was sure she was getting some of that, and he felt she did not deserve anything he had created for her.

Now he felt hatred and distaste whenever he thought of her (with the king).

Days later he became aware of symptoms that were extremely uncomfortable and shocking. He went to his doctor who sympathised and told him that he really should always use condoms.  Tests were taken.

He returned two days later to be told that what he had was a notifiable STD and he must report to the hospital department concerned for treatment and for the tracking process to begin.

It was most embarrassing for him. He could barely keep his temper under control. He had no idea who those two women were. It was all Anthea’s fault. If he hadn’t been feeling so bad over her he would never have got that drunk, nor would he have taken those women home.

The treatment wasn’t too bad, although it made him feel rather ill for about two weeks.  However he found a way to have revenge against Anthea. He reported her as a recent sexual contact so that the follow up would get to her and embarrass her as it had him.


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